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Food and Wine Matching

Posted on March 3, 2012 by rob There have been 1 comment(s)

Challenge the norm, treat your taste buds.


At Grapescape Wines, we believe the best part of drinking good wine, is to share it with friends and family. After all, wine always tastes better shared.


Sometimes you may even have the opportunity to taste the wine over a meal.


There are many guides available that suggest what wine to match with what food. We wanted to provide you with some suggestions specific to our Partner Wineries and Varietals.


However as a guide, (remember everyone’s taste buds are as unique as their fingerprints), below are a few of suggestions.


-          Contrast can be a good thing! Fatty foods with a Riesling (which generally has high acid) works! Duck and Riesling, try it!

-          Matching similar foods and wines also works. No rules, just try it!

-          Explore, try, and challenge everything you have read or heard. Your taste buds are unique.


So, why not start with some of the below suggestions……………….


-          Barristers Block Sauvignon Blanc – Chicken, seafood, shucked oysters

-          Barristers Block Wrattonbully Cabernet – range of meats & vintage cheeses

-          Barristers Block GSM – Peking Duck,  rich black forest cake

-          Cleggett Wines The Pearl Rose – Lightly Spiced Dishes, Antipasta, Cheese and or Fruit Platter

-          Cleggett Wines White Cabernet Sauvignon – Seafood, chicken, lightly spiced dishes

-          Doc Adams Sparkling Chardonnay Pinot – Entrees and starters

-          Doc Adams Sparkling Pinot Rose – Entrees and starters

-          Doc Adams Classic Dry White – Fish, veal, chicken

-          Doc Adams Hogarth Chardonnay – All types of Modern Cuisine Foods

-          Doc Adams Pinot Gris – Fish or Asian Cuisine

-          Doc Adams Shiraz – Pizza, Red Meats, Poultry with Gravy

-          Doc Adams Cabernet – Steak, slow cooked veal shank

-          Doc Adams Reserve Shiraz – Foods with richness and savoury finishes, Pizza, Red meats, Poultry with Gravy

-          Dunns Creek Estate Arneis – Salads, Seafood, Anti-pasta

-          Eclectic Wines Verdelho – Entrees and Starters, Salad, Foods with Asian or North African Spices

-          Eclectic Wines Chardonnay – Classic chicken and white meat dishes

-          Eldredge Vineyard Riesling – All styles of cuisine especially seafood and white meats

-          Eldredge Vineyard Semillon Sauvignon Blanc – All styles of cuisine particularly seafood and Asian

-          Greg Cooley Wines ‘Don’t tell Lisa’ Sweet Riesling – A great match for Asian food

-          Greg Cooley Wines ‘Five Year Olds & Dogs’ Rose – Great with Asian and Seafood

-          Hartley Estate Chardonnay - Cheeses and crisp breads, scallops in lime sauce.

-          Hartley Estate Classic White - Will compliment a wide variety of cuisines; spiced dishes, seafood and mild cheeses.

-          Misty Glen Chardonnay (unwooded) – Cheese, mussels, chicken or as an aperitif

-          Misty Glen Semillon – Seafood or as an aperitif

-          Misty Glen Chardonnay – Cheese, mussels, chicken or as an aperitif

-          Misty Glen Rose – Seafood, pasta, cheese

-          Misty Glen Cabernet Sauvignon – Lamb, beef or cheese

-          Misty Glen Chambourcin – Lamb, beef or cheese

-          Misty Glen Shiraz – Any BBQ dish, cheese or roast lamb

-          Misty Glen Sparkling Chambourcin - Lamb, beef or cheese

-          Malcolm Creek Chardonnay - Salty nibbles, spicy dips, grilled fish, soup and Asian flavoured dishes

-          Malcolm Creek Cabernet Sauvignon - Excellent served with beef, salmon as well as casseroles and spicy dishes

-          Noski Wines Chardonnay – Seafood and poultry

-          Whistler Wines Reserve Semillon – A perfect match for grilled fish or light tapas dishes

-          Stone Bridge Shiraz – Suitably weighted dishes (BBQ aged steak is a classic)

-          Stone Bridge Cabernet Malbec – Roasted lamb, rosemary and mint peas

-          Stone Bridge Pinot Gris – Lightly spiced Asian dishes

-          Stone Bridge Riesling – Simple prepared seafood


To view all the wines available from Grapescape Wines online to buy, CLICK HERE.


A little bit about Grapescape Wines -


Try something new, something different, something boutique...

Something exclusive...


We are very pleased to be able to offer some wonderful boutique Australian wines.


Wines that you wouldn’t expect to find through major chains or commercially known outlets.


Did we hear you ask, “So, what is Grapescape Wines and why are you unique?”

Well, let’s answer your question by asking two of our own:


  • Ever enjoyed an amazing bottle of wine from a winery but struggled to find it again?
  • Ever wondered why it is only available from the cellar door or limited outlets?

                         “Yes!”“Yep.”“You betcha.”“Absolutely!”

                                                  We have too!


At best only 80% of Australian wines are readily available via traditional outlets. We are going to do our best to provide you access to the other 20%.


You will be able to purchase these great (but hard to find) wines in either a, “Buy Now” or “Auction” setting. We will also have a dedicated members area for you to learn about wine, record your own tasting notes, and keep up to date on all events that are wine within Australia.


We hope you enjoy these wineries as much as we have.


Cheers, The Grapescape Wines Team

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  • Adam says:

    So many choices!!!
    I am a big fan of the Misty Glen CabSauv with a nice piece of beef.
    Very informative, can't wait to try things I haven't yet

    Posted on April 2, 2012 at 8:27 pm